• Vibez J'ouvert 2020 Ticket Registration (I already Have a ticket)

    Vibez J'ouvert 'Jab Jab 2020'
    Monday February 24th, 2020 (J'ouvert Morning)
    Time: 3am - 8am

    Welcome to the epic 4th year of Vibez J’ouvert!

    The J’ouvert with the MOST VIBEZ consists of...

    • Vibez Pre-Party - Join your friends at 3am to jumpstart your Vibez J’ouvert Experience in a SECURE venue with a full bar of Scotch, Rum, Vodka, Beer, Shots, Chasers & Water alongside a 40ft. Music Truck! 

    • Vibez Road Experience - We hit the road with 40ft. Music Trucks, 40ft. Bar Truck, Professional Security and Rope Team, Express Bars, Mud/Paint/Powder Truck, Rhythm Section Truck, and Top DJs! Then we head to our Las Lap..

    • Las Lap -  Enter a fully set up, SECURE venue where you will be washed down by Water Trucks while jamming to the sounds of sweet Soca. Then chip to your breakfast choices (vegetarian options available) and a Recharge Zone to have Coffee, Tea, Water &/or Energy Drinks until 8am!

    Welcome to the Next Generation of J’ouvert! See you there! 

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    Vibez J'ouvert 2020 Ticket Registration (I already Have a ticket)

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